home sweet home

I don’t know if I could properly express how comforting it is to be home again. I’m right where I want to be this weekend, it could not have come at a better time. I was never the girl who wanted to stay in Cape Coral, when I left I always told myself along with others that I didn’t belong there – the City is what I needed.

I’ve yet to move to a big city, so let’s not entirely throw that out the window just yet. But William and I continually have conversations with others about developing cities…being a catalyst of change, helping cultures thrive. It was inspired by a talk on TED and we would gladly move to a place that needed some help reaching it’s potential. That’s kind of how I feel about the Cape right now.

I never thought that I would miss this place as much as I do. Granted, it has a lot to do with my family and closest friends located here, but since driving into town on Del Prado Boulevard thursday night I can’t stop thinking of returning home. The desire to bring new business to the area is super appealing. Starting a young adult ministry is even more so appealing. (Being 2 minutes away from sand & surf and 7-eleven’s on every corner making slurpee’s highly accessible are pluses.)

Today we woke up early and spent the day on The Rawson’s Retreat with none other than…The Rawson’s! We came home and made some toys with Mia. She blew me away when she asked to thread the needle, thinking she had no idea how to do it and then she proved me so wrong. And she’s only 5 years old…freaking bad a. Mami made my favorite meal ever, arroz con pollo and I ate 3 helpings. Our night ended with a trip to Johnny Rocket’s for milkshakes and good company.

Tomorrow I’m starting the day cooking heart-shaped pancakes for the twins, as promised, dyed red in honor of Valentine’s Day. We’re visiting a newer church in Fort Myers, friends of William’s work there and then we’ll come home to lend a hand around the house. Putting Christmas decorations in the attic and listing tons of stuff on eBay. I’ll post a link to that on here when it’s done, tons of goodies from HSN for almost a third of the price. We’re in “the business”…HAHA…I just really wanted to say that. We do completely honest work around here, scouts honor!


Outfit 9 – 30×30:




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