30×30 – ten.

I’m a creature of comfort. I love anything effortless and the ability to look nice without trying hard at all.
My hair is cut in a way that I just dry it and go, minimal styling is essential.
Give me something easy. Like no-brainer easy. And no, I’m not being lazy.

This 30×30 challenge is sweet and sour.

Some days I like it, the other days I think…Shall I cheat just once?
Then I put together all of my favorite staples from what I’ve committed to and
end up with days like today, where this isn’t the most genius of outfits
nor will it turn heads but I feel pretty and relaxed.

I’m learning to take the time to try something new,
to risk looking silly and my confidence is being refreshed.

I’m already over looking at myself in pictures everyday
and poor Willy has to take dozens of shots to make me happy.
But just 20 more days and we’re home free!
Unless…I do it all over again. Hey, it saves me cash.






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