It seems to be that my belt is suffocating me. Or perhaps it’s because I ate my weight in chips and queso when my bunny and I went on a Mexican Date Night…which is why I chose an off-the-shoulder look by the way, very “latina”. Maybe it’s because I’ve been eating so much cereal lately. So much cereal meaning multiple bowls in one sitting. I can’t decide if I’m eating like this because I’m truly that hungry, because I’m bored or simply because I have this insatiable craving for Honey Nut Chex & Fruity Pebbles mixed together in our retro kitchen bowl.

Now let’s talk about my thrifted boots. Hands down the best $4 I’ve spent but that price comes with…a price. I’ve already had my sweet father-in-law super glue the bottom of one and now they are coming undone at the top. I could sew them all up but I think that extra looseness of the hook adds a bit of “character”…

I’ve been in this constant state of random thoughts the past few days, so I’ll humor myself (and perhaps you) and continue on. I’ve started making felt fabric hair clips, mainly for little girls but I don’t have a small baby head to try them on. I’ve also had this nagging desire to move to New York because we wouldn’t have to spend $3.29 a gallon to fill our cars. I’ve been enjoying a cup of green tea in the morning, in the afternoon and before bed. William got a haircut today and looks like himself again…for a moment he was slipping into the 40-year-old College Professor look, which is hot and everything but I wanted my 24-year-old husband back. (You understand, right babe?)


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