twenty-one – final one

A little gray cloud sits over my head this morning as I write this…(it’ll blow away soon)…

Meet outfit 21. She did her duty and she did it well, providing me with enough warmth in the morning and light enough for the afternoon sun. Sadly enough, she is the last outfit of my first 30×30 challenge. Doesn’t make sense to you? Let me explain.

WEATHER: When I decided to do this style challenge, the daily weather was between 30-50’s. Making all of my pieces acceptable and smart. Then mother nature took a turn and we started experiencing high 70’s and 80 degree weather. I was plowing through my days in long sleeves and pants, no fun at all. Adding accessories made me frustrated, because of the heat I wanted as little on as possible.

MISHAPS: My black flats died on my trip down South, making them unwearable. My long-sleeve white shirt got really ratty (perhaps in the wash or because it’s cheap and I wore it everyday) making it unwearable as well.

SWAPPING: I thought to myself, I’ll just swap out similar items that are lighter and suitable for the Spring weather. I thought this was brilliant! But then I found myself swapping too much and I was no longer doing the pronounced “30×30 Remix Challenge.” I broke too many rules, cheating on my original 30 items and the guilt has been too strong.

Alas, I am writing to you all to explain why I’ve chosen to end this style challenge and admit to you all that I have failed. One week away from finishing, but too far away from what I committed to in the first place to regain momentum and finish strong. We are all defeated once in awhile, and no, I never thought it would be by my own closet. I’ll take this as a learning experience, adding more variety and depth to the next “30×30 Remix Challenge” that I do. Plans for a Spring one are coming but when I’ve been bruised by the first one, I’m admittedly hesitant to attempt another one.


Footnote: Later today I'll post all the outfits together.



One Comment to “twenty-one – final one”

  1. I’m proud of you regardless. I have been thinking of a challenge myself… But it involves a little less variety :/ ugh we’ll see if I can get myself to do it.

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