wedding time!

The past fews day have been a blur, one of the best blurs that one could really have. Emily Shuman is now Emily Bajalia, friends and family got together to celebrate her and Mike and it was the sweetest wedding…SUPER romantic! The rehearsal dinner was at Maggiano’s, where everyone gave speeches and shed too many tears. The next day started with an early breakfast with the girls at Metro Diner where Brittany got a HUGE pancake bigger than her face.

Weddings nostalgia is so magical, you cry because one of the biggest days of a couple’s life is finally here. So much planning, huge amounts of anticipation! The romance that fills the air, all of it causing the bride and groom to feel like their floating through it all. So much love goes out to the new Mr. and Mrs. Bajalia!

Our course, witnessing two people sharing their own vows with each other brought me to tears and made me think of our own. I was reminiscent the entire time because the memories are still so fresh:) Marriage is THE MOST challenging thing I have ever done, it does not come easy. If I wasn’t so attracted to William in every way possible, this could never work. It takes commitment to work through new emotions but those new emotions are so amazing, you work out the kinks and it’s so much fun.

Happy four months to The Morgans!
Love you bunny.

No one laughs as much as William does when I quote the movie Martian Child, no one else saves all the lime green and yellow jelly beans only for me, no one else puts up with my extreme diet changes and willingly eats my weird cravings. He snuggles me in the mornings and when we fall asleep, he cooks the most delicious french toast and squeezes my hand in conversations to let me know he’s still with me. So much love comes out of this man and I give him so much in return.


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