st. patty’s day

Before I get into our first St. Patrick’s Day together, let me introduce to you the ORIGINAL snuggie…



{ahem, excuse the mess}

Complete with snaps to adjust any body type and a sick navajo print. Thrifted – $1! William gives the best presents, he’s the most successful thrift-er I know. Never finding things for himself, always finding them for moi.

Whenever anything is considered a holiday or slightly one, I L.O.V.E. to celebrate it. So naturally, when William came home I asked him what we were doing for St. Patrick’s Day & he said whatever you want, I pronounced that whatever we do we must get green drinks! He laughed and took me on a date. I sadly don’t own a single green shirt, so I opted for a green feather earring and my irish booties.

First stop was Moe’s, which won over Chipotle for us last night because we had that strong craving for heavily processed queso to dip our chips in. We split a meal for $6.41, #WINNING!

Then we stopped by a huge Irish festival in 5 Points held by O’Brothers. It wasn’t quite our scene, a bunch of people decked out in crazy green gear already drunk at 7pm…we opted out and headed over to Kickback’s Gastropub. Where we ran into several people, had our green drinks and made it home and in bed before 10pm.


POSTSCRIPT: My friend Eshy from Sweet Slice of the Foubister Life suggests adding my snuggie to the next 30×30. For the record, the second I put it on we thought the same thing. It’s so chic, completely versatile and hey, I can unsnap that baby and have a picnic on it in an instant!


3 Comments to “st. patty’s day”

  1. I love the shoes!! … and where in the world do you guys thrift that you get THAT great of deals?!

  2. bahahahaha Jen I LOVE the Vintage SNUGGIE!You make it look so stylish. You should make it one of you 30×30 When we come down to Florida I want you+your man, me+my man to go thrifting.

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