beachin’ it

First Jax Beach trip of the year, for me, ever.
Probably the biggest beach I’ve ever been to, the weather was suh-weeet.
Audra & I chilled on the blanket (you know, the snap snuggie one)
while the boys played some Bocci…with an apple.

Lemme explain.

You see, for our awesome picnic-style wedding we had games.
Bocci was one of ’em, and apparently the little kids who got their dirtylil hands
on our vintage croquet set (which has been broken) also got their hands
on the Bocci set, so we lost the yellow ball. Not to worry. They improvised.
Using an APPLE.

It also happened to be The Great Atlantic Seafood & Music Festival.
Tons of tents selling crab/lobster/shrimp in every way imaginable. It looked so tasty.
We didn’t have any, instead we came home and made our own
stir-fried rice w/shrimp. Budget friendly & super satisfying. I married a chef y’all!

Fun times ahead for us this year.
& I’m so glad you get to come along!


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