Double-date night that briefly turned into triple-date night. Audra, Chris, Melissa & Kevin are some pretty rad folks to hang out with! We went to Moon River Pizza (where we had our rehearsal dinner) and chowed down on some yummy foods. William ordered 3 slices of White Pizza and the kitchen was placing bets on if he could finish it all…needless the say, William won.

We had some Yobe for dessert, then stumbled upon an art show where Chris’s tattoo artist’s wife just so happened to be displaying her work. It was the freshest artwork I’ve seen in awhile, I couldn’t snap any photos of her work but it was beautiful. She drew the outlines of horses and placed geometric shapes in and throughout them, mixing media of neon colors and gold.

I found a corner of original Dr. Seuss works. Of course, William wanted them all. They were pretty brilliant.


Gluten-free friends, if you live in Jacksonville you can take GF pizza dough to Moon River and they’ll cook your pizza on it. It cannot be 100% free of cross-contamination, so if you’re highly allergic don’t do so. I’m sure a lot of local places would probably do this if you just asked!




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