spiritual relationships

Today was such a lazy Sunday and a beautiful first official day of Spring. After church we grilled Mahi with our friends John & Holly, then lounged in their backyard enjoying the pretty weather. We came home and napped for what seemed like forever, then had a small dinner & spent the rest of the night creating.

I’m working on making stationary, hand-crafting different things that I will eventually put up to sell. William painted a panda he’s been working on for quite some time now and that leads me to what the message at church was all about today.

A rough sum: “Spiritual Relationships”

We talked about how important it is for us to engage in friendships and what it means when your relationships lead to romance. The feeling of loneliness is not a result of original sin, but rather we were made for relationship. When we get married, we aren’t asked to “die to ourselves,” we are called to help each other “become better than we were,” and “fulfill desires together” while “empowering who we are.” We are to become POWERFUL and DYNAMIC.

I freakin’ love that.

Granted. Marriage is hard and I am not saying that it’s easy, no way no how. We are currently in a place where we must adjust drastically. I no longer live by myself, I have a roommate. He’s male. He leaves his clothes wherever it lands. He loves meat and action movies. He hogs the bed. Oh yeah, and we have the same bank account now.

The good news…

William and I never have to compromise but instead celebrate who we are as individuals, we have the opportunity to grow together, encourage one another to continue fighting for what we believe, to motivate one another to keep reaching our goals and together pursue Jesus Christ with freshness. 

“Jesus’ most intimate moments happened with friends.”
My most intimate moments will happen with William.
We are on the journey of life together & will experience adversity head-on
but we’ll also experience Jesus head-on together, and to me,
nothing could ever beat that.



footnote: all quotations are from the message at River City today.

One Comment to “spiritual relationships”

  1. And I really like your honesty about this. You can’t sugar coat marriage! It’s beautiful, but not simple. It demands adjustments. But it is the most intimate way two people can connect with each other. Because of this it deserves to be protected and treated with respect. I love it!

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