food + groceries + money

We’re the newlywed couple that’s on a budget, our income is small but it’s really unbelievable how we always have just enough. But I’m not here to talk money, no, no! I’m here to talk about how we get fancy with our meals and make that extra buck stretch.

My husband’s a foodie and I’m just extremely picky. We both love The Food Network and really, all cooking shows. William grew up cooking, the men cooked in the home and that’s where his love of food developed. I grew up in a home where my mother tried really hard to teach me to cook, took her time in showing me but I was too stupid to pay attention so I missed out on it all. I’m not kicking myself in the head or anything (I’ve already done that) but I am just now picking up on how to use the kitchen and use it good.

When we grocery shop we try to buy in bulk what we eat the most (like rice and beans), we buy fruits that are in season because they’re the cheapest and we aren’t compromising our food values or the taste, then we try to use coupons and buy the “specials” next.

Lunches are usually the same for us, so buy what we need at the beginning of the week and usually it lasts us two. Dinners are where we need to get creative. Last night was so yummy, I just had to share. We had Mahi Taco’s with rice and black beans. How did we do it? Simple. We checked our freezer and saw that we had leftover Mahi Mahi burgers from a few weeks back. William decided to chop them up so we could have fish tacos. I made the rice and we cooked a single can of black beans, and voila! A gourmet meal in minutes. With all the right seasonings, we had a really good meal without spending a dime.

All of this seems really silly to be sharing but learning how to buy the right groceries with as little money as possible has been really hard. Even when we had extra cash we’d rather stick to what we do because it seems to work for us. Sometimes we get crazy and go out to our local faves but you know, we save that for when we really need it.

Hope this helps some of you soon-to-be’s and newlyweds! And all you seasoned couples, send all your tips & tricks my way.


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2 Comments to “food + groceries + money”

  1. I am a fan and I like to read your dictated thougths. thank you for sharing. much love

  2. Tonight’s menu was your lovely spinach quesadilla!!!!

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