Once a month I send my little brother and sister letters in the mail. These tiny ones love their mail more than most. I take my time and draw them silly robots for my brother – he loves Passion Pit and calls it “Robot Music.” My sister whose super girly loves pink, flowers and hearts. Despite how different we seem to be, I miss her sweet affection. I get the warmest butterflies when they call me to say “thank you” and then continue to ask me when I’ll send more. I soak up how much they look up to me right now, I know in time it will change into something different but I’m hoping my efforts make some sort of impact in their lives.

Basically, I just want them to think I’m cool forever. Even when they’re 16.

One Comment to “mail.”

  1. those cards AND envelopes are absolutely adorable!! – I have been inspired to make & send some of my own. I usually just use Hallmark bought stationary, but why not make my own!?!! … and have no fears about when they are 16, I still send letters/reminders to my family in the NE who range from 23-27 … they still appreciate it :))

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