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April 8, 2011

new jobs, holy moly

The rest of my week was a lively one. I haven’t been this consumed with work in months, it feels really good but really not good all at once. William and I haven’t had as much “us” time as we’re used to, it’s all about rearranging things and getting through that turning point.

If you didn’t already know (how could you if we’re not facebook friends?) I got a job with Girls, Inc. of Jacksonville! I will be the Kindergarten Enrichment Coordinator and am taking over my friend Audra’s old spot. Completely motivated is how I feel, almost empowered because I’m on a team that is an advocate for girls to be strong, smart and bold. This is really only the first step towards my dreams, it’s captivating the way that God does things. More on those thoughts later though…

This week I was from one job to the other, I also work at Urban Outfitters now. I’m completely exhausted. Once I get my old job done and out of the way, I’ll be caught up on sleep and my focus will be on this new little story we’re starting. I CAN’T WAIT!

Admittedly, we’ve been able to still have fun in the midst of so many job changes. The Art Walk on Wednesday night was crazy. So much was going on, we even stumbled upon a newer restaurant called Chew that I’m hoping William will take me too soon. (The prices are perfect! $7 a plate or so). Thursday night I went out for Audra’s Bachelorette party, my camera is at her house so nothing for you to see. But just know we ended up at Pearl that night and had the best night dancing to Florence + The Machine and Vampire Weekend. Her friends (now my new friends) are OUT.OF.CONTROL! In an extremely good way!

Now it’s 1:45am and I’m just now done with paper flowers for Audra’s wedding. To bed I go, no room for grumpy gills in the morning. I have the fancy title of Design Coordinator for this beautiful ceremony, I have to be in tip top shape to make everything looking perfect for the bride! (and the groom….zilla)

grace and peace,
happy weekend.