dance party

For those of you following me, life is getting a lot smoother. The transitions from job to job have been exponentially easy and the grace of God is carrying me through. Am I completely exhausted at the end of the day that I fall asleep in my clothes? Only once this week, other than that we are almost at smooth sailing, friends!

Being that I hang out with some of the raddest and baddest in Jax, last night we had a dance party and what started off slow quickly turned into a sweaty night full of Oreo Klondike Bars and breakdancing.

Despite it being a school night, it was worth every minute to have it in the middle of the week. Too many of us don’t take a moment to dance it up in our work week so MIXing it up felt right. (Get it? MIXing it up? Hahaha…) I end you with a picture of my honey and I because it also just happened to be our 5 month mark as newlyweds. We glisten with perspiration but its kinda giving us a nice glow!

One Comment to “dance party”

  1. Live this live as intensely as you do is amazing. Do everything you can in order to improve your live and to change the world. If this planet had more people like you, everything would be better. Dont forget to share what Jesus do every single day for you.

    Love you so much.

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