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May 19, 2011

oh, martha…

I’m just taking a moment on this Thankful Thursday to admire Martha and all of her genius. The woman is the face of craft, a design guru. Because of her, our mouths water over handmade weddings & we buy every issue of Whole Living.

Thank you Martha! For teaching us how to make everything from fabric flowers and breakfast quiches!

Martha…if you’re reading this…I love you…and you should really just hire me and my friends…we’ll talk deets later!!

May 19, 2011

one of those moments.

Like the title suggests, I’m having “one of those moments.” 

(And hey! It’s Thankful Thursday so this fits appropriately.)

I am reminding myself not to take life so seriously today. Working with little girls who have more emotional problems than they deserve (no one deserves any actually…) and the tendency it has to weigh heavy on my heart, I need to remind myself that I can’t fix the worlds problems.

Now…that may come as a surprise to some of you because yes, even though I am this awesome, I still can’t solve the world.

I am merely one person. In a sea of billions of others who are just as emotional, wanting today to be GREAT.

So I’m sitting at the Girls, Inc. office listening to a Florence + The Machine station, getting ready for a day where my girls will get to paint, plant Sweet Basil plants and eat strawberries outside. Yes, they’ll have dirty as can be hands full of green paint, fertalizer and strawberry juice…but it’s all worth it.

I can’t stand so many rules. I’d love to do away with all of them but then it’d be chaotic, I guess I like organized chaos. Both my office & home desk are proof of such belief.

Let your hair down today. Kick off your shoes and walk around barefoot. Go to Happy Hour and drink a delicious cold one in honor of life.

Love, love.


May 16, 2011


What a weekend. I’m sitting on my bed, struggling through lack of sleep and a major kick in the a from my allergies. But what makes it all sustainable is how wonderful our weekend was in the Queen City. (And we go back July 1st to do it all over again!)

Stephanie and Adam got married, William officiated the ceremony. The tears wouldn’t stop, in between seeing Stef for the first time in her dress through the walk down the aisle and the vows, this wedding was perfect.

We celebrated at Carrigan Farms in a rock quarry, ate freshly picked strawberries and danced to nothing but 90’s music. A candy bar, tons of vegan options, a Smilebooth and a love fern for everyone to take home. I die.

The wedding of their dreams came to life and we are so honored to have played such an important role.

Our entire trip was spent eating delicious food; there were so many options for my ridiculous diet that it made the weekend so easy. Patrick treated us to Vida, the fancy mexican restaurant he’s a manager at and it was mm-mm-good. Of course, we dined at Cabo our first night in town with Tay Flo and Ben. Shared several cups of coffee with good friends and spent Sunday morning at Center City; a church that will always have a huge piece of my heart. What God is doing through Center City is unbelievable, I’m so excited to see it all unfold. The willingness of the church to open up to God so much is admirable, I’m thankful I could ever be a part.

Now we’re back to work, back to the grind. Counting our blessings, getting ready for what’s next and all the while being aware of the moment we are living in. If there’s anything I learned from this past weekend is to always focus on what I’m experiencing NOW, not letting it get away without fully taking it for all it’s worth.

happy monday, friends. xx.

May 9, 2011

life is good, friends!

We’re moving. To the beautiful side of Jacksonville called RIVERSIDE. Within walking distance of 5 Points, to a brick building with beautiful wooden floors. It’s perfect in every single way. Forget that there’s barely any closet space…there’s a spacious backyard that’s just begging for a vegetable garden. We’ll be within pedaling distance to most of our friends homes, natural food stores, restaurants, shops…everything.

 I’m smitten.

We’re renting from our friends, the Kaisharis’. They bought the duplex, are fixing it up and we’re moving in. It’s a blessing and I’m so thankful they’ve shown us this little beauty.

…And yes, I’ve been on Apartment Therapy every single day and we’ve already started buying things for our new abode. A “house warming” party will be planned and you may or may not receive “The Morgans Have Moved!” postcards in your mailbox within the first few weeks of August. 

Post Script: CHARLOTTE IN THREE DAYS!!! Can’t wait to guzzle down Cheerwine, look into the faces of friends we miss every single day and celebrate Stephanie & Adam!

May 2, 2011

first sale + girl talk

We sold our first item over the weekend. A lovely vintage Coach purse that I didn’t think would sell, but lo and behold, William was right. We sold it for a mere $40 and it was on it’s way this morning in pretty orange tissue. Packaging is so special to me because it holds inside what you have been anticipating for days…or hours in some cases…and even though it will be torn apart in a matter of seconds, whatever it is that is inside needs a proper introduction. It’s only fair.

Today went by so fast, it’s insane. Monday blew by only long enough for me to recognize that it was the start of a brand new week. I’ll be doing yoga with my kindergarteners this week and we’ll be discussing healthy living habits. Yes, at the age of 6 I anticipate them to understand those words. They’re smarter than they act and I have full confidence in these little girls who will grow up in no time at all.

Girl Talk

Little Girl #1 says to Little Girl #2 whose been in the bathroom for 10 minutes: “Are you okay in there?”

Little Girl #2: “Yeah!! I’m just pooping!!”

Little Girl #1: “Oh okay!”

Little Girl #2: “Don’t come in here! It’s going to be smelly!”

…and there you have it. Happy Monday! Xx.

May 1, 2011

on holiday – shrimp fest ’11

What an amazing weekend, I’m fully refreshed and it was just the right amount of time that I’m not even sad that it ended. Okay, maybe I’m lying, but that doesn’t even matter. I look forward to making this a tradition with friends. I had so much fun with these shrimps that I didn’t take too many pictures but it’s all been captured in my heart. Between the cajun seafood, the waving down people for parking to the random booths we saw, the people dressed as pirates everywhere, the wonderfully sweet $6 lemonade, the Hookah, the corn-hole, the bike ride to the beach and the ridiculously awesome people we were with…how could one not enjoy their time on Fernandina Beach?

I loved you, Shrimp Fest. I loved every bit of you.