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May 1, 2011

on holiday – shrimp fest ’11

What an amazing weekend, I’m fully refreshed and it was just the right amount of time that I’m not even sad that it ended. Okay, maybe I’m lying, but that doesn’t even matter. I look forward to making this a tradition with friends. I had so much fun with these shrimps that I didn’t take too many pictures but it’s all been captured in my heart. Between the cajun seafood, the waving down people for parking to the random booths we saw, the people dressed as pirates everywhere, the wonderfully sweet $6 lemonade, the Hookah, the corn-hole, the bike ride to the beach and the ridiculously awesome people we were with…how could one not enjoy their time on Fernandina Beach?

I loved you, Shrimp Fest. I loved every bit of you.