first sale + girl talk

We sold our first item over the weekend. A lovely vintage Coach purse that I didn’t think would sell, but lo and behold, William was right. We sold it for a mere $40 and it was on it’s way this morning in pretty orange tissue. Packaging is so special to me because it holds inside what you have been anticipating for days…or hours in some cases…and even though it will be torn apart in a matter of seconds, whatever it is that is inside needs a proper introduction. It’s only fair.

Today went by so fast, it’s insane. Monday blew by only long enough for me to recognize that it was the start of a brand new week. I’ll be doing yoga with my kindergarteners this week and we’ll be discussing healthy living habits. Yes, at the age of 6 I anticipate them to understand those words. They’re smarter than they act and I have full confidence in these little girls who will grow up in no time at all.

Girl Talk

Little Girl #1 says to Little Girl #2 whose been in the bathroom for 10 minutes: “Are you okay in there?”

Little Girl #2: “Yeah!! I’m just pooping!!”

Little Girl #1: “Oh okay!”

Little Girl #2: “Don’t come in here! It’s going to be smelly!”

…and there you have it. Happy Monday! Xx.

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