life is good, friends!

We’re moving. To the beautiful side of Jacksonville called RIVERSIDE. Within walking distance of 5 Points, to a brick building with beautiful wooden floors. It’s perfect in every single way. Forget that there’s barely any closet space…there’s a spacious backyard that’s just begging for a vegetable garden. We’ll be within pedaling distance to most of our friends homes, natural food stores, restaurants, shops…everything.

 I’m smitten.

We’re renting from our friends, the Kaisharis’. They bought the duplex, are fixing it up and we’re moving in. It’s a blessing and I’m so thankful they’ve shown us this little beauty.

…And yes, I’ve been on Apartment Therapy every single day and we’ve already started buying things for our new abode. A “house warming” party will be planned and you may or may not receive “The Morgans Have Moved!” postcards in your mailbox within the first few weeks of August. 

Post Script: CHARLOTTE IN THREE DAYS!!! Can’t wait to guzzle down Cheerwine, look into the faces of friends we miss every single day and celebrate Stephanie & Adam!

One Comment to “life is good, friends!”

  1. Ahora se donde me voy a quedar cuando vaya a visitarte. =)

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