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June 4, 2011

make you feel my love.

tonight the twinsies were giving each other a harder time than usual.
they were sent to bed immediately after a horrible moment of 5 year old arguments
and they were pretty upset. my little mia cried and cried, i’ve never seen her cry so much.
it crumpled my heart into a tight ball.

i’m not one to wince when i discipline children, but she’s had such a rough day
and i didn’t want her crying herself to sleep. i couldn’t let it happen, so i didn’t.
i climbed into her plush princess bed and spooned her tiny body while telling her it was
okay and not to cry anymore. i explained why she was in trouble and she would
respond with head nods and finally turned over to face me. she gripped me so tightly
and placed her tiny forehead on my own, not letting go. it was the sweetest moment.

she’s not a child of mine and i can’t imagine the intensity of attachment my mother feels
towards us, seeing us go through all that we do and only being able to guide us from
a distance. then i began to imagine the way that God feels about us and the tears
started streaming even harder. as my palm rested on mia’s back, i prayed for her to
experience the best life possible. that she’d find strength in moments of pain & fear,
that she’d grow close to her Creator and learn all she could from Him to carry her on.

His attachment to us is strong. we came from Him and to Him we will return.
there are some things that i don’t understand, i’m not seeing a piece of the puzzle,
i’m still seeking and looking for answers. but i know because of the experience’s i’ve had with love
that He is like this. His heart breaks when we hit a rough patch, He wants us to find joy,
He wants to give us grace and peace, He wants us to know and live in the purest form of life.

Adele’s Make You Feel My Love is playing as I type this,
putting into a song what I felt in my heart tonight. Take a listen.

June 3, 2011

stop and get sandy.

what could have been the best beach day, truly came to be.
we swam in the water for hours, built sand castles and volcanoes.
there was time to eat, a time to play and even a time to read celebrity gossip.
all of it extra-special because this has never happened before.
when i’d look up from my magazine and realize i was sitting at
the prettiest island in Florida with my brother & sister and best friend…
it certainly captured my heart. i would take a few moments to thank Him
for creating such wonderful people and such lovely beaches.
i can’t help but take things for granted, easily anger over petty things
and today was a reminder that i need to stop and get sandy.
– it’s true, i got sand all over the place to prove it –
being away from william is absolutely no fun at all,
i’m seeking the best that i can of it. and today was a day of reflection.
i’ve never had a person fight with me so to get into who i am and bring
out the best in me. i attribute today as a result of his constant encouragement,
and we’re finally seeing some breaking. old habits are leaving…

we absolutely never stop growing. i am thankful i can continue to grow
while being surrounded by the best, the cream of the crop.



June 1, 2011

is it just me?

I am obsessed with the smell of clean. There’s nothing like a freshly scrubbed bathroom, a perfectly wiped down kitchen or those irresistible clean crisp sheets on your bed at night. It could be the satisfaction of a job well done; be it that you’ve finally cleaned your living space after a crazy week or it was just another thing to take your attention away from projects to be finished. It’s one of my Top 5 (of…I have no idea…) but it’s there.

Like right now.

I’m sitting in Miami International Airport waiting on my flight and they just finished cleaning the bathrooms. I’m a few arms-lengths away from the public facility but it smells heavenly. Could it be the smell that is so invigorating? Or is the smell so soothing that it’s giving me a moment to relax from my hectic morning…

Oh you know, the morning I had where I forgot to pack and spent probably 10 minutes throwing every article of clothing I own suitable for 90 degree weather into William’s small skull-printed bag.

(Because this smell is SO AMAZING & it’s caught my attention once again) …I digress!

The smell of clean is like nothing else. Don’t hesitate to stop by that section of soap bars at Anthropologie, DO take a moment to clean your bathroom because it’s so darn rewarding and go ahead and use a little extra cleaner & soap…it won’t hurt anybody.

Here’s a few of my favorites waiting to be purchased for our new little home (Thanks in advance, Honey!):

Orange Crane Felted Cranberry Fig Soap from SoFino

Cote d’Azure Soap at Anthropologie

Stress Relief – Eucalyptus Spearmint Massage Oil from Bath & Body Works