is it just me?

I am obsessed with the smell of clean. There’s nothing like a freshly scrubbed bathroom, a perfectly wiped down kitchen or those irresistible clean crisp sheets on your bed at night. It could be the satisfaction of a job well done; be it that you’ve finally cleaned your living space after a crazy week or it was just another thing to take your attention away from projects to be finished. It’s one of my Top 5 (of…I have no idea…) but it’s there.

Like right now.

I’m sitting in Miami International Airport waiting on my flight and they just finished cleaning the bathrooms. I’m a few arms-lengths away from the public facility but it smells heavenly. Could it be the smell that is so invigorating? Or is the smell so soothing that it’s giving me a moment to relax from my hectic morning…

Oh you know, the morning I had where I forgot to pack and spent probably 10 minutes throwing every article of clothing I own suitable for 90 degree weather into William’s small skull-printed bag.

(Because this smell is SO AMAZING & it’s caught my attention once again) …I digress!

The smell of clean is like nothing else. Don’t hesitate to stop by that section of soap bars at Anthropologie, DO take a moment to clean your bathroom because it’s so darn rewarding and go ahead and use a little extra cleaner & soap…it won’t hurt anybody.

Here’s a few of my favorites waiting to be purchased for our new little home (Thanks in advance, Honey!):

Orange Crane Felted Cranberry Fig Soap from SoFino

Cote d’Azure Soap at Anthropologie

Stress Relief – Eucalyptus Spearmint Massage Oil from Bath & Body Works

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