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July 5, 2011


Aaahh, I’ve finally returned. Since my visit home, we’ve relocated to Riverside. House-sitting for our dear friends, Bethany and Nick, alls well during our first month on this side of town. We’ve been in their place for a little over a week now and it feels odd. I wake up in their bed, stare at their family pictures on the walls and take care of their two puppies. Not odd in a weird way, but just like we’re living in someone else’s home…which we are. But I don’t mind living in their vintage nest because it’s just that magnificent.

I’m considering submitting their place to a “home” blog because it’s completely worthy. Something like Apartment Therapy or whatever else I find. Everything in the Kaisharis residence is vintage or handmade. Thought has been placed into every piece; from ┬áthe perfectly lined pipes on the mantel to the wall of family photographs in different shaped frames in their bedroom. A bathroom in the hallway has an unexpected large white claw-footed bathtub and their kitchen is complete with a retro stovetop oven and colorful vintage Fiesta-ware.

My friends place is better than yours, it must be said.

In the almost 2 weeks we’ve been here, I’ve ridden my bicycle to work every day and I’ve shopped completely local (and by that I mean the Publix less than 2 miles away). We ate at Orsay for the first time with Josh & Holly and I crave it everyday now. We hauled it up to Charlotte again, a home away from home for the greatest wedding of the year (Congratulations again, Prevatts!) and came back to celebrate the 4th with The Franklin’s with kiddie fireworks and lots of grilled veggies.

There are a few things happening in the personal side of life but it’s being dealt with one day at a time. When life hits you in the gut a few times in the middle of a busy schedule the only thing you can do is…YOGA.

Okay, okay…you have to do more than yoga… like pray to the God who never fails us for peace and understanding. You have to have really awkward, difficult conversations that bring light to situations. You have to look at everything from every perspective and keep a positive, unbiased attitude. You have to know that even if everything seems to be out of your control and it’s really terribly and all you want to do is fix it and you can’t, that’s it’s a step towards things becoming better.

We’re always moving forward. Never are we given another opportunity to repeat yesterday.

So all this to say, Riverside is certainly our cup of tea. Glad to be in the neighborhood of so many friends and close to our favorite places. We’re looking forward to this “new chapter” of our life together.

See you guys tomorrow.