appa guiseppe

here is the story of our furry little friend:
(he’s AKC, nbd.)

we have some wonderful people in our life named The Moores,
they felt it in their hearts to give us this sweet shnauzer pup.
their son has a white one and they knew how much i loved him
even spending just a mere hour with him. a month later, william
shot their wedding and that same day they told us they wanted to
give us a little puppy of our own. we quickly accepted him and
seven weeks later he is sitting to my right, sleeping and his little
quick breaths have been completely attached to him already. he’s
entirely sweet, pees everywhere and tries to chew on my hand every
chance he gets, but he fits right into our little life.

my life is so “jonathan safran foer” right now. never liking dogs,
and suddenly falling in love with just one and it’s just been a
domino effect with animals. it’s so weird, maybe it’s the haircut?

while we’re house-sitting, we’re also dog-sitting olive + oskar again.
i anticipated olive to try and wrestle him because she’s from the streets
and i was afraid of their interaction. but she stays away from him, it’s
really interesting. i’ve found her hiding behind the couch, in weird
corners and always wanting to outside now. i guess she hates kids.
oskar comes over, sniffs appa, walks away but keeps an eye on ‘im.

it’s all really new and really great.
i might even let him sleep in our bed tonight…
who have i become? 

❤ special thanks again to the moores ❤

One Comment to “appa guiseppe”

  1. AWWWWWW! We had a miniature schnauzer growing up named Fritz! They are great dogs, but train him well and it will pay off!

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