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July 10, 2011

i love being a lady

there’s a special feeling i get inside when i feel like a lady. those days when i dress entirely the way i please, the only makeup on my face is a swipe of coral lipstick and the cults are blaring loudly from my iphone. or even the nights when i put on a bright skirt and straighten my hair, hop in the car and let william treat me to our favorite dinner. let’s not leave out the nights when my husband comes home to find me in yoga pants and a sweater, curled up watching a totally gushy movie that would otherwise make his brain rot.

i accept that i am weaker than my husband. i like that he’s my protector, when i lie in his arms i feel as if nothing can hurt me. my self-esteem soars when he acts as if though he’s never seen me naked, every time i undress. i’m his gem, nothing can take my place.

i love being a lady.

i’m not bound to the idea that i have to be a stay at home wife, or that i need to be the world’s best cook with dinner on the table ready for my husband when he comes home. i’m not bound to the idea that only women do the laundry and sweep the floors while the men plop on the couch or mow the lawn. no way.

william gives me freedom to express myself through whichever creative outlet i choose for the moment. we share everything, including household duties. he entertains the ever-changing ideas i have about life, treating every thought i have as brilliant.

this all has to do with being a lady because i have the freedom to be who i am and do what i please. when i have a tough week, i’m allowed to drink a bottle of coke and eat pizza all weekend. i’m allowed to change my nail color to go with my outfit as many times as i want. i’m allowed to listen to only death cab the entire week and wear the same pair of shorts day after day.

being a lady isn’t about wearing our heels and learning to bake the perfect pie. it’s about embracing the person within us and not being afraid to do things differently.

it’s about knowing we are valuable and not accepting anyone to treat us any other way. i’m more than “what so & so thinks,” i’m more than the mistake i keep repeating. i have a lot to offer and will treat myself as so.

as much as we hate those overly emotional moments, we need them. i need the awkward conversations, i need the burnt dinners, i need the moments i feel like crying. they make us more sure of who we are, they add an inch to who we are making us stand taller than before.

i love being a lady because i’m not bound to anything, i’m not obligated to be anything but myself.