i see no color

yesterday whilst at camp, one of the girls said “this must be a black girls camp” with a look of disgust on her face. imagine mind as its racing to find the right words to say, refraining from bopping the little one on the head. arose the various proceeding comments, “wow! you’re so racist!”,”did you hear what she said?”, “ms. jen! do something!” i told the girls to calm down, everything would be okay and i would have a much needed conversation with the one who voiced such comment.

i completely forget that there are still people who have a negative view of different colored people. once in a while i get the typical “she’s mexican” comment about myself and it always catches me off guard.

i see no color.

i’m a hispanic woman married to a caucasian man, and when i look at pictures i don’t see anything different. i walk into a room of mostly black girls and don’t see a difference in any of us.

we all bleed the same color.

so when i’m looked at for comfort and rescue in such events, i feel obligated to erase the lines that have been made. a sensitive subject and wanting to just say the right words and hear an, “i understand exactly what you mean.” but that’s not reality.

there are people who still feel superior, their race is better than others and it’s an act of hate, that cannot be denied.

i want to end this post with a “let’s unite! let’s fight!” sentence but it seems petty. at the same time it’s not, this is just a reminder to you and i both that we need to live aware of the evil things in this world and stand for what is right, to whom ever, wherever.


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