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August 27, 2011

week one

week one of classes proved wonderful, including a celebratory dinner the first night cooked by william. i spent my week consumed in everything i was learning, several desires floated through my thoughts.

i could be an art history professor
i’ll take pictures of every fun outfit i see
my bookbag feels like its going to break
i love this class
that guys smells really bad
i just waited in line for an hour, fml
walking to class in the rain is perfect
i’m so hungry
this iced coffee is too sweet
i forgot my book
i bought the wrong book
i’ll never get this down
why am i doing this
i love doing this


August 27, 2011





August 23, 2011

start of somethin’ new

it’s only 8:36pm and i could easily go to bed right now. two days of school and i’m needing some rest. walking all over campus with a heavy bookbag isn’t the normal routine but just think of how awesomely strong my shoulders will be when this is all done. not only that, i bought a parking permit the day before class started so i have to take a SHUTTLE to class. oh em gee, this is all so new to me. i’m still on this high (c’mon, it’s been only 2 days! i’m allowed to be!) and feel like i’m going to disney every time i step on that bus. i’m at school all day but spending my free time sitting in the campus starbucks makes it all so exciting.

i’m taking 3 design classes, an art history and 2 religion. i call one of them my “feminist small group” because quite frankly, that’s exactly what it is. 15 or so women and 2 men sitting in a “circle of trust” discussing the role of women in different religions. call me a nerd but i’m eating this UP.

today we bought my portfolio and more art thingies. some wire for a sculpture we’re making in 3D and i’m just really reeaaally excited to be doing all of this. nerding out to the most nerdiest extent.

ps. i’m still adjusting to my new hair. it has this boyish, 1920’s flapper charm that i embrace every now and then, more times than none. but today i had the biggest meltdown yet – a full 60 seconds. cut me some slack here, i’ve had long locks for 22 years…and parting is such sweet sorrow.

post-script again: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my ever-beautiful mother.

August 19, 2011

end of the week post

i like to think we are “borrowing” our neighbors internet. how is it borrowing? because if we had wifi, we would gladly share it with him if he didn’t have any. has it put off connecting our own wireless access? …sure… but we’d still share it with him. and tonight…his wireless is out…

so i find myself at broadway cafe in five points drinking mango boba doing nothing productive but stare at things from ikea i can’t have. happy friday night to me! much later, we’re going to ocala when william comes home after the jaguar game. going to see THE VALES and float in a river all day tomorrow.

cheers to a relaxing weekend!

August 18, 2011

a scrumptious gf pizza

holy cannoli. we bought bob’s red mill pizza crust & moon river so gladly baked their “white pizza” for us. oh em geeeee. i died and went to heaven.

August 18, 2011

the process

if i could find it within me to be patient while setting up our new apartment, i’d spend most of my mornings like todays. waking up at 6:30 because Appa decides its best to go outside at this time. he enjoys the absolute peacefulness waiting for us that he can gleefully ruin with his incessant barking at pedestrians. i’ve easily become “that neighbor” because of him. we’ll address that situation later. so today i decided to make some tea and make myself not think about what else i need to do, what piece of furniture to buy or how to arrange so and so item. setting up our home needs to be a natural process.

it’s easy enough for me to walk into a department store, find a handful of matching things and place them where they need to be to make our rooms look put together. but to me that’s boring and some may call it “being picky” but i just say that we want our home to have character. forget that we are only renting the place. unless william takes a job elsewhere, we are here for at least 2 years for school. it’s not so temporary to me.

i’ve transitioned from fashion blogs to home blogs, in search of ways to properly store what seems like thousands of kitchen items in small spaces or the right prints to go on our living room walls. when i said it was a natural process, there’s been no better way to describe it. our living room has a theme going without intention. reds, blues, greens, yellows and tan. everything matches and i’m not sure how. our bedroom is getting there, with a half painted chalkboard wall and our clothing storage in place. all we’re missing is a real bed, side tables and lamps.

there are plans to make curtains and other such things, but i’ve accepted that it wont all happen in a day. i look at it as a stress, which makes it a problem and am forgetting that i’m dressing my apartment and setting the tone for the next year.

this is an exciting process that i’ll only get now and if we have visitors and things are not done…well, i think we’ll be all right. i’ll distract them with yummy coffee and we’ll sit around our worn yellow table talking about everything but what needs to be done. i’ll make it a rule that they can only speak of what is finished and how good the coffee is, the rest can be about them.

image via mrseliotbooks