start of somethin’ new

it’s only 8:36pm and i could easily go to bed right now. two days of school and i’m needing some rest. walking all over campus with a heavy bookbag isn’t the normal routine but just think of how awesomely strong my shoulders will be when this is all done. not only that, i bought a parking permit the day before class started so i have to take a SHUTTLE to class. oh em gee, this is all so new to me. i’m still on this high (c’mon, it’s been only 2 days! i’m allowed to be!) and feel like i’m going to disney every time i step on that bus. i’m at school all day but spending my free time sitting in the campus starbucks makes it all so exciting.

i’m taking 3 design classes, an art history and 2 religion. i call one of them my “feminist small group” because quite frankly, that’s exactly what it is. 15 or so women and 2 men sitting in a “circle of trust” discussing the role of women in different religions. call me a nerd but i’m eating this UP.

today we bought my portfolio and more art thingies. some wire for a sculpture we’re making in 3D and i’m just really reeaaally excited to be doing all of this. nerding out to the most nerdiest extent.

ps. i’m still adjusting to my new hair. it has this boyish, 1920’s flapper charm that i embrace every now and then, more times than none. but today i had the biggest meltdown yet – a full 60 seconds. cut me some slack here, i’ve had long locks for 22 years…and parting is such sweet sorrow.

post-script again: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my ever-beautiful mother.


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