jen and appa

if you follow me on instagram, you’ll know that i rarely post pictures
of anything other than my dog. i’m strongly considering changing my blog
name to “jen and appa” because of how much time i spend with my puppy.
i spoil him with an occasional taste of human food + take him everywhere.

unless i’m on campus, i am mostly at home with him.
he licks and sniffs my homework, barks at me when the computer has
my attention more than he does, tries to eat my lunch/dinner.

some evenings we go on dates, which usually consists of a walk around the neighborhood
and a visit to the park. most of the time he’s just sleeping (because he’s still growing)
and i’m just enjoying his company.

he gets sassy with me when i scold him, grumbling little remarks under his breath.
and whenever william comes home, appa scrambles to his feet and tries to beat me for his attention.
of course, i normally win that one.

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