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July 11, 2011

the day we made a fort

// thank you for all the sweet responses on my last post. i’m so thankful my words reached many of you, it motivates me to continue writing and sharing my life with all of you. //

there are few emotional pains i experience often, the dominate one being away from my family. let me not sound so melodramatic here, there’s plenty in the memory bank to look back on when i’m missing them the most. like last month when i went home for two and a half weeks to babysit the twins. the last few days i was there we built a fort, complete with white christmas lights and plenty of teddy bears to smother our faces in.

at the mention of building a fort, mia and donnie jumped up and started looking for blankets. they would jump down the stairs, throw me their findings and continue searching for more. when the base was built, we strung lights all around the “ceiling.”  they insisted on making signs to display, with phrases like “please give us your money” and “only boys and girls allowed.” their giddiness was such a thrill! they wanted to invite their friends over but it ended up only being us in this little tent.

when night came around, we settled inside, read a bed story or two and it was lights out. mia was restless, as she tossed and turned so did everything else. she lasted only 20 minutes inside before laying on the couch with me. several hours later, i woke up to both of them on the couch with me. when donnie woke up, he told me how scared he was waking up in the fort with neither of us around.

the fort lasted throughout the weekend even though we never had a full nights sleep inside. hands down one of the best memories i have with them. it comes to mind whenever i’m feeling a little down for not having seen them in awhile.

so much love in that fort.


June 4, 2011

make you feel my love.

tonight the twinsies were giving each other a harder time than usual.
they were sent to bed immediately after a horrible moment of 5 year old arguments
and they were pretty upset. my little mia cried and cried, i’ve never seen her cry so much.
it crumpled my heart into a tight ball.

i’m not one to wince when i discipline children, but she’s had such a rough day
and i didn’t want her crying herself to sleep. i couldn’t let it happen, so i didn’t.
i climbed into her plush princess bed and spooned her tiny body while telling her it was
okay and not to cry anymore. i explained why she was in trouble and she would
respond with head nods and finally turned over to face me. she gripped me so tightly
and placed her tiny forehead on my own, not letting go. it was the sweetest moment.

she’s not a child of mine and i can’t imagine the intensity of attachment my mother feels
towards us, seeing us go through all that we do and only being able to guide us from
a distance. then i began to imagine the way that God feels about us and the tears
started streaming even harder. as my palm rested on mia’s back, i prayed for her to
experience the best life possible. that she’d find strength in moments of pain & fear,
that she’d grow close to her Creator and learn all she could from Him to carry her on.

His attachment to us is strong. we came from Him and to Him we will return.
there are some things that i don’t understand, i’m not seeing a piece of the puzzle,
i’m still seeking and looking for answers. but i know because of the experience’s i’ve had with love
that He is like this. His heart breaks when we hit a rough patch, He wants us to find joy,
He wants to give us grace and peace, He wants us to know and live in the purest form of life.

Adele’s Make You Feel My Love is playing as I type this,
putting into a song what I felt in my heart tonight. Take a listen.

June 3, 2011

stop and get sandy.

what could have been the best beach day, truly came to be.
we swam in the water for hours, built sand castles and volcanoes.
there was time to eat, a time to play and even a time to read celebrity gossip.
all of it extra-special because this has never happened before.
when i’d look up from my magazine and realize i was sitting at
the prettiest island in Florida with my brother & sister and best friend…
it certainly captured my heart. i would take a few moments to thank Him
for creating such wonderful people and such lovely beaches.
i can’t help but take things for granted, easily anger over petty things
and today was a reminder that i need to stop and get sandy.
– it’s true, i got sand all over the place to prove it –
being away from william is absolutely no fun at all,
i’m seeking the best that i can of it. and today was a day of reflection.
i’ve never had a person fight with me so to get into who i am and bring
out the best in me. i attribute today as a result of his constant encouragement,
and we’re finally seeing some breaking. old habits are leaving…

we absolutely never stop growing. i am thankful i can continue to grow
while being surrounded by the best, the cream of the crop.



May 16, 2011


What a weekend. I’m sitting on my bed, struggling through lack of sleep and a major kick in the a from my allergies. But what makes it all sustainable is how wonderful our weekend was in the Queen City. (And we go back July 1st to do it all over again!)

Stephanie and Adam got married, William officiated the ceremony. The tears wouldn’t stop, in between seeing Stef for the first time in her dress through the walk down the aisle and the vows, this wedding was perfect.

We celebrated at Carrigan Farms in a rock quarry, ate freshly picked strawberries and danced to nothing but 90’s music. A candy bar, tons of vegan options, a Smilebooth and a love fern for everyone to take home. I die.

The wedding of their dreams came to life and we are so honored to have played such an important role.

Our entire trip was spent eating delicious food; there were so many options for my ridiculous diet that it made the weekend so easy. Patrick treated us to Vida, the fancy mexican restaurant he’s a manager at and it was mm-mm-good. Of course, we dined at Cabo our first night in town with Tay Flo and Ben. Shared several cups of coffee with good friends and spent Sunday morning at Center City; a church that will always have a huge piece of my heart. What God is doing through Center City is unbelievable, I’m so excited to see it all unfold. The willingness of the church to open up to God so much is admirable, I’m thankful I could ever be a part.

Now we’re back to work, back to the grind. Counting our blessings, getting ready for what’s next and all the while being aware of the moment we are living in. If there’s anything I learned from this past weekend is to always focus on what I’m experiencing NOW, not letting it get away without fully taking it for all it’s worth.

happy monday, friends. xx.

February 19, 2011

home sweet home

I don’t know if I could properly express how comforting it is to be home again. I’m right where I want to be this weekend, it could not have come at a better time. I was never the girl who wanted to stay in Cape Coral, when I left I always told myself along with others that I didn’t belong there – the City is what I needed.

I’ve yet to move to a big city, so let’s not entirely throw that out the window just yet. But William and I continually have conversations with others about developing cities…being a catalyst of change, helping cultures thrive. It was inspired by a talk on TED and we would gladly move to a place that needed some help reaching it’s potential. That’s kind of how I feel about the Cape right now.

I never thought that I would miss this place as much as I do. Granted, it has a lot to do with my family and closest friends located here, but since driving into town on Del Prado Boulevard thursday night I can’t stop thinking of returning home. The desire to bring new business to the area is super appealing. Starting a young adult ministry is even more so appealing. (Being 2 minutes away from sand & surf and 7-eleven’s on every corner making slurpee’s highly accessible are pluses.)

Today we woke up early and spent the day on The Rawson’s Retreat with none other than…The Rawson’s! We came home and made some toys with Mia. She blew me away when she asked to thread the needle, thinking she had no idea how to do it and then she proved me so wrong. And she’s only 5 years old…freaking bad a. Mami made my favorite meal ever, arroz con pollo and I ate 3 helpings. Our night ended with a trip to Johnny Rocket’s for milkshakes and good company.

Tomorrow I’m starting the day cooking heart-shaped pancakes for the twins, as promised, dyed red in honor of Valentine’s Day. We’re visiting a newer church in Fort Myers, friends of William’s work there and then we’ll come home to lend a hand around the house. Putting Christmas decorations in the attic and listing tons of stuff on eBay. I’ll post a link to that on here when it’s done, tons of goodies from HSN for almost a third of the price. We’re in “the business”…HAHA…I just really wanted to say that. We do completely honest work around here, scouts honor!


Outfit 9 – 30×30:



February 18, 2011


denim button-down, black levi skinnies, red peep-toe flats


Breakfast and lunch with my parents, Gnomeo & Juliet, pizza and Coldstone Banana Ice Cream.
All in a day’s work, friends.