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June 3, 2011

stop and get sandy.

what could have been the best beach day, truly came to be.
we swam in the water for hours, built sand castles and volcanoes.
there was time to eat, a time to play and even a time to read celebrity gossip.
all of it extra-special because this has never happened before.
when i’d look up from my magazine and realize i was sitting at
the prettiest island in Florida with my brother & sister and best friend…
it certainly captured my heart. i would take a few moments to thank Him
for creating such wonderful people and such lovely beaches.
i can’t help but take things for granted, easily anger over petty things
and today was a reminder that i need to stop and get sandy.
– it’s true, i got sand all over the place to prove it –
being away from william is absolutely no fun at all,
i’m seeking the best that i can of it. and today was a day of reflection.
i’ve never had a person fight with me so to get into who i am and bring
out the best in me. i attribute today as a result of his constant encouragement,
and we’re finally seeing some breaking. old habits are leaving…

we absolutely never stop growing. i am thankful i can continue to grow
while being surrounded by the best, the cream of the crop.



May 16, 2011


What a weekend. I’m sitting on my bed, struggling through lack of sleep and a major kick in the a from my allergies. But what makes it all sustainable is how wonderful our weekend was in the Queen City. (And we go back July 1st to do it all over again!)

Stephanie and Adam got married, William officiated the ceremony. The tears wouldn’t stop, in between seeing Stef for the first time in her dress through the walk down the aisle and the vows, this wedding was perfect.

We celebrated at Carrigan Farms in a rock quarry, ate freshly picked strawberries and danced to nothing but 90’s music. A candy bar, tons of vegan options, a Smilebooth and a love fern for everyone to take home. I die.

The wedding of their dreams came to life and we are so honored to have played such an important role.

Our entire trip was spent eating delicious food; there were so many options for my ridiculous diet that it made the weekend so easy. Patrick treated us to Vida, the fancy mexican restaurant he’s a manager at and it was mm-mm-good. Of course, we dined at Cabo our first night in town with Tay Flo and Ben. Shared several cups of coffee with good friends and spent Sunday morning at Center City; a church that will always have a huge piece of my heart. What God is doing through Center City is unbelievable, I’m so excited to see it all unfold. The willingness of the church to open up to God so much is admirable, I’m thankful I could ever be a part.

Now we’re back to work, back to the grind. Counting our blessings, getting ready for what’s next and all the while being aware of the moment we are living in. If there’s anything I learned from this past weekend is to always focus on what I’m experiencing NOW, not letting it get away without fully taking it for all it’s worth.

happy monday, friends. xx.

April 19, 2011

record player + stuff

I came home yesterday to find a vintage record player with Phoenix (my frenchies!) spinning loudly on it. Just the way I like waking into my home, with William standing right at the front door.

Girls, Inc. has been really fun. I have 11 kindergarteners and putting their crocodile tears aside, I think of them often. Today we’re reading “Where the Wild Things Are” and making “Wild Thing” masks. We’re going to talk about the importance of our relationship with our parents and friends. Then we’ll have enough time for a wild rumpus.

When I sit and count the weddings we’ve been to, it doesn’t seem like many. There’s already been 3 in the last 2 months, and we have 4 coming up within the next 2. William is officiating our friends Stef & Adam’s wedding in less than 3 weeks, the week after that one I’ll be coordinating the Moore’s and Will’s shooting it. Then we have the Meys wedding, where we get to just enjoy it all. Then we travel back up to Charlotte for Hunter & Ranaye’s day that we’re ridiculously excited about. HOLY WEDDINGS! So sweet. It makes me want to get married all over again.

Off to make breakfast now and surprise William.

April 3, 2011

in high spirits

Celebrated our 1 year anniversary of being together with breakfast in bed Saturday morning. I fell asleep the night before remembering all that happened, I got on a plane to visit William in Charlotte with John Mayer’s “In Your Atmosphere” song playing on repeat. I spent hours packing, arrived at the airport incredibly early. When I landed in Charlotte, my heart was beating out of my chest. As I came down the escalator and saw William with a serious face standing in the middle of tons of people. We didn’t say a word to each other, I dropped my bags and he wrapped me in his arms and we just stood there for what seemed like hours. In the middle of everyone’s way, we stood still and couldn’t seem to let go. All we had been waiting to say, the months we spent in anticipation had finally arrived. Three days later on our drive back to the airport, we knew we would get married. It was the most whimsical weekend of my life, I get the best feeling reminiscing about it.

William shot our friends Chad & Lindsay’s wedding  in a church full of tall, stained glass windows with dark wooden benches and red carpet lining the whole interior. It had an old-time romantic feel, with a 60’s Cadillac and a red velvet couch to take pictures in. The bride wore a mink in some photos and the groom & his men had cigars. Just the way we like it… We ended the night with friends at Brick in Riverside and had some really good laughs.

After church this morning we had lunch with the soon-to-be Keller’s at Bento Sushi. William hasn’t been this excited about food in Jax for awhile, it was pan asian food at it’s absolute best. Including Boba that was right on. Now we dog/house-sit for a week, with Oskar (yes, Oskar Schell) and Olive to take care of. I may or may not have let Olive lick my face once or twice already…I know, so out of character but I can’t help it. They cuddle you and come running to you when you come home, who wouldn’t like that kind of attention?

We’re going to ride bikes now and take in the rest of our Sabbath.
Good catchin’ up with you.


March 27, 2011

murder mystery + date night

Date nights.

We relax and hang out alone, recollect our thoughts of all that’s happened during the week, just spending time with the one we love. This was probably the busiest week I’ve had in a long time that I hadn’t even realized we hadn’t spent a single night alone. My nights out with William are precious to me. While giving all of his attention to me it’s effortless for him, he’s naturally a gentleman.

This week I spent the majority of my time sewing little monsters, in and out of dinner’s with friends and a Murder Mystery Party set in a 1920’s Speakeasy. You know, the us(ual). I dressed as a fortune teller, everything I wore is my normal close which made things super easy. William was a paranoid man who thought aliens/government were getting into his brain. F.U.N.


*All party photos by William Jonathan Photography.

March 20, 2011

spiritual relationships

Today was such a lazy Sunday and a beautiful first official day of Spring. After church we grilled Mahi with our friends John & Holly, then lounged in their backyard enjoying the pretty weather. We came home and napped for what seemed like forever, then had a small dinner & spent the rest of the night creating.

I’m working on making stationary, hand-crafting different things that I will eventually put up to sell. William painted a panda he’s been working on for quite some time now and that leads me to what the message at church was all about today.

A rough sum: “Spiritual Relationships”

We talked about how important it is for us to engage in friendships and what it means when your relationships lead to romance. The feeling of loneliness is not a result of original sin, but rather we were made for relationship. When we get married, we aren’t asked to “die to ourselves,” we are called to help each other “become better than we were,” and “fulfill desires together” while “empowering who we are.” We are to become POWERFUL and DYNAMIC.

I freakin’ love that.

Granted. Marriage is hard and I am not saying that it’s easy, no way no how. We are currently in a place where we must adjust drastically. I no longer live by myself, I have a roommate. He’s male. He leaves his clothes wherever it lands. He loves meat and action movies. He hogs the bed. Oh yeah, and we have the same bank account now.

The good news…

William and I never have to compromise but instead celebrate who we are as individuals, we have the opportunity to grow together, encourage one another to continue fighting for what we believe, to motivate one another to keep reaching our goals and together pursue Jesus Christ with freshness. 

“Jesus’ most intimate moments happened with friends.”
My most intimate moments will happen with William.
We are on the journey of life together & will experience adversity head-on
but we’ll also experience Jesus head-on together, and to me,
nothing could ever beat that.



footnote: all quotations are from the message at River City today.
March 14, 2011

wedding time!

The past fews day have been a blur, one of the best blurs that one could really have. Emily Shuman is now Emily Bajalia, friends and family got together to celebrate her and Mike and it was the sweetest wedding…SUPER romantic! The rehearsal dinner was at Maggiano’s, where everyone gave speeches and shed too many tears. The next day started with an early breakfast with the girls at Metro Diner where Brittany got a HUGE pancake bigger than her face.

Weddings nostalgia is so magical, you cry because one of the biggest days of a couple’s life is finally here. So much planning, huge amounts of anticipation! The romance that fills the air, all of it causing the bride and groom to feel like their floating through it all. So much love goes out to the new Mr. and Mrs. Bajalia!

Our course, witnessing two people sharing their own vows with each other brought me to tears and made me think of our own. I was reminiscent the entire time because the memories are still so fresh:) Marriage is THE MOST challenging thing I have ever done, it does not come easy. If I wasn’t so attracted to William in every way possible, this could never work. It takes commitment to work through new emotions but those new emotions are so amazing, you work out the kinks and it’s so much fun.

Happy four months to The Morgans!
Love you bunny.

No one laughs as much as William does when I quote the movie Martian Child, no one else saves all the lime green and yellow jelly beans only for me, no one else puts up with my extreme diet changes and willingly eats my weird cravings. He snuggles me in the mornings and when we fall asleep, he cooks the most delicious french toast and squeezes my hand in conversations to let me know he’s still with me. So much love comes out of this man and I give him so much in return.

February 7, 2011

more mush

I’m going on week four of being a sick little girl.
I feel tired than ever right now, a trip to the doctor might be in order quite soon.
With a stuffy nose, I can’t taste a single thing but am craving everything.
Oreos, chocolate ice cream, banana milkshake and a strawberry sprinkled donut.

William is subbing a P.E. class today. I’m entirely jealous but proud of him all at the same time. He has many talents and can do anything. I know what you’re thinking, honeymoon phase. I’m certain it won’t change over time. He’s been entirely supportive throughout these past few weeks, letting me sleep on his side of the bed, making me lots of tea and rubbing my feet. And tonight’s Gossip Girl, which he endures for my sake. It takes so little to please me...right Will? It was this time last year that I began to fall in love with him. I was planning a visit to his hometown to “see an old friend” & didn’t anticipate all that it revealed. I recently read on a blog that stated “love is irrational” and it’s entirely true. None of what happened with William made sense but it did all at the same time. I kept it under wraps for so long that it shocked all others when he proposed so quickly. It was certainly one of those things that I didn’t want to get so excited over. I have the complete tendency to jump into things too quickly and once I finally let him in…well, you know the rest.

Enough with the mush. Here’s to getting better and hoping we all inspire someone this week!



January 22, 2011

kwispy kweme.

He wanted donuts. That’s what he got. I saw his status, took him on a surprise car ride and we ended up here. I can never surprise him…EVER. The minute I stepped into this building I thought I was going to pass out in a sugar coma from only the smell. We arrived just in time for the hot ones to come out. Did I mention it was my first time ever at Krispy Kreme? And to think, I’ve never had one of their donuts and I probably never will. When my husband found out, he was sad and cursed my allergy. I told him it didn’t matter, as long as his little heart is happy, mine is too :]