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April 28, 2011

messes + shoots

I take a moment to look at my living space and it’s a total disaster right now. Papers all over the floor, dirty dishes in the sink, Easter Candy on several visible tables, bags full of treasures from thrift stores and books absolutely everywhere. Let me not forget to mention the clothes on the back of mostly every chair and the overflowing hamper. I totally justify the mess we sometimes live in, to the fact that we are creative people who function this way. We are free of anything that constrains us, no rules.

No shoes, no shirt, no problems.

A lot of wonderful things have happened that are worth a share. Monday evening William had a shoot with some friends who pretty much win The Sweetest Couple of All Couples award. They are getting married in 3 weeks and Will is also shooting their wedding, they were so easy to work with.

The next night I partook is what was hands down the best yoga I’ve ever done. I stretched in every possible way and left feeling like I was walking on clouds. Needless to say, I’ll be back again as soon as I can. Yoga at home is certainly not the same as yoga with a bunch of strangers and an inspirational instructor. No way.

This weekend is the Shrimp Festival and it’s basically a getaway that is much anticipated. I cannot wait to sink my teeth into fresh seafood with Sangria in hand. We’re also having a Mexican Fiesta and that might be contrary to what the Island is celebrating but it doesn’t even matter, because we’ll be with some pretty rad folks that make everything amazing. We leave tomorrow. O.M.G.


I’m now headed to work of which I couldn’t be more excited about. I love my job. I draw little hearts around Girls, Inc. when I write it on paper, I’m that obsessed with it. I’ll have to start sharing the hilarious things these 7 year olds say. Here’s a taste…

Little girl gets assigned to “buddy-read” in my class…

Little Girl, who immediately bursts in tears and terrible howling: But I don’t want to go to Ms. Jen’s room! I’m always in Ms. Jen’s room!
Me: Gee, thanks “Little Girl.”

*She cried for 30 minutes. She was purple in the face.

April 19, 2011

record player + stuff

I came home yesterday to find a vintage record player with Phoenix (my frenchies!) spinning loudly on it. Just the way I like waking into my home, with William standing right at the front door.

Girls, Inc. has been really fun. I have 11 kindergarteners and putting their crocodile tears aside, I think of them often. Today we’re reading “Where the Wild Things Are” and making “Wild Thing” masks. We’re going to talk about the importance of our relationship with our parents and friends. Then we’ll have enough time for a wild rumpus.

When I sit and count the weddings we’ve been to, it doesn’t seem like many. There’s already been 3 in the last 2 months, and we have 4 coming up within the next 2. William is officiating our friends Stef & Adam’s wedding in less than 3 weeks, the week after that one I’ll be coordinating the Moore’s and Will’s shooting it. Then we have the Meys wedding, where we get to just enjoy it all. Then we travel back up to Charlotte for Hunter & Ranaye’s day that we’re ridiculously excited about. HOLY WEDDINGS! So sweet. It makes me want to get married all over again.

Off to make breakfast now and surprise William.

April 3, 2011

in high spirits

Celebrated our 1 year anniversary of being together with breakfast in bed Saturday morning. I fell asleep the night before remembering all that happened, I got on a plane to visit William in Charlotte with John Mayer’s “In Your Atmosphere” song playing on repeat. I spent hours packing, arrived at the airport incredibly early. When I landed in Charlotte, my heart was beating out of my chest. As I came down the escalator and saw William with a serious face standing in the middle of tons of people. We didn’t say a word to each other, I dropped my bags and he wrapped me in his arms and we just stood there for what seemed like hours. In the middle of everyone’s way, we stood still and couldn’t seem to let go. All we had been waiting to say, the months we spent in anticipation had finally arrived. Three days later on our drive back to the airport, we knew we would get married. It was the most whimsical weekend of my life, I get the best feeling reminiscing about it.

William shot our friends Chad & Lindsay’s wedding  in a church full of tall, stained glass windows with dark wooden benches and red carpet lining the whole interior. It had an old-time romantic feel, with a 60’s Cadillac and a red velvet couch to take pictures in. The bride wore a mink in some photos and the groom & his men had cigars. Just the way we like it… We ended the night with friends at Brick in Riverside and had some really good laughs.

After church this morning we had lunch with the soon-to-be Keller’s at Bento Sushi. William hasn’t been this excited about food in Jax for awhile, it was pan asian food at it’s absolute best. Including Boba that was right on. Now we dog/house-sit for a week, with Oskar (yes, Oskar Schell) and Olive to take care of. I may or may not have let Olive lick my face once or twice already…I know, so out of character but I can’t help it. They cuddle you and come running to you when you come home, who wouldn’t like that kind of attention?

We’re going to ride bikes now and take in the rest of our Sabbath.
Good catchin’ up with you.


March 27, 2011

murder mystery + date night

Date nights.

We relax and hang out alone, recollect our thoughts of all that’s happened during the week, just spending time with the one we love. This was probably the busiest week I’ve had in a long time that I hadn’t even realized we hadn’t spent a single night alone. My nights out with William are precious to me. While giving all of his attention to me it’s effortless for him, he’s naturally a gentleman.

This week I spent the majority of my time sewing little monsters, in and out of dinner’s with friends and a Murder Mystery Party set in a 1920’s Speakeasy. You know, the us(ual). I dressed as a fortune teller, everything I wore is my normal close which made things super easy. William was a paranoid man who thought aliens/government were getting into his brain. F.U.N.


*All party photos by William Jonathan Photography.

February 13, 2011

mukti ball

Last night we were asked to take pictures at the Mukti Semi-Formal Ball…a dinner party put on to raise awareness for Human Trafficking. They wanted a photobooth and provided us with everything, we simply styled the shoot and William snapped away. I sat there and looked pretty while handing out his business cards, and drinking a strong can of coke 😉

The inside of the dinner was so beautiful, stringed lights everywhere and the word “Freedom” hanging from the ceiling. We had a complimentary italian dinner (as a token for providing photography) and heard an incredible speech from Kristen (who works with Mukti Imports; a company that sells handmade sari’s, blankets and bags made by Indian women freed from the sex trade). She spent 5 years working in the Red Light District in Calcutta, India. She was so open and honest about her experience there and how she sees the exact same thing here in America.

Then we danced the night away to celebrate the freedom that comes from Christ:


January 17, 2011

Seuss Party

I’m honestly sad it came and went. All the work put into this event was worth all the smiles and giggles from the children all day. I’ve never felt more exhausted and satisfied all at the same time. A majority of the photo’s are being edited, but I stole a few to give you a glimpse. The Franklin’s and The Morgan’s make a good freaking team.

Photography by williamjonathan photography.
Inspirations from Annie’s Eats.