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April 18, 2011

the fox shoppe

Me, oh, my! I have been one busy lady this past week. I’ve had work every single day, and won’t stop until Friday. The good thing is I love both of my jobs so it makes things easier. My old job has asked me to stay employed and come in whenever I can, I said yes and it’ll work out when Girls, Inc. has a month long break so our income won’t hit a bump.

Pretty amazing, I’d say.

In other news, The Fox Shoppe is finally up on Etsy. We have tons more to post so check it often. William is making a bunch of journals and when we have a couple more, they’ll go up too. We love the handmade life.

We’ve got our eye out for some other sweet finds, vintage Coach purses and more boots. We want to put up the best quality things we can find that are genuinely old. Any questions, feel free to ask!


post script: Gossip Girl returns tonight, Monday’s actually feel normal again!

March 1, 2011

my friends gots blogs

If there’s any reason I am ever on my computer, it’s to read blogs. I love ’em all, big or small. Healthy living, fashion, design, even baby ones. But the ones that I hold dearest are the one’s my girlfriends have started. I can keep up with their lives from so far away, it’s la la la love.

Here are my lady friends who must be noticed, take a lil peek into their world and I promise you’ll go back for more.

‘Tis So Sweet it a dessert, fashion, and design blog
dedicated to all things pretty and yummy.

Teressa writes a newlywed blog including
all things DIY, baking, cooking and funny mishaps.
Her witty personality keeps you interested at all times.

A mother and wife who truly knows how to capture her life
through her words; read if you want to  laugh or even cry.
Get inspired by her handmade everything and take a moment
to admire her devotion to her family.

Working on her Master of Divinity at Wake Forrest,
this pretty lady finds the time to blog about what she’s
up to. Her own cooking recipes, deep thoughts and all.

More newlywed life! Follow Eshy as she blogs
about her new life in The Windy City with her
her hubby and two chihuahua’s, Sprinkles and Cupcake.

Oh em gee. Stephanie’s a hair stylist who runs a boutique
with her almost-husband and amist it all; she posts her
outfits daily. Always including a piece from her store and
an occasional post about what’s keeping her inspiration fresh.

“Living for Something More than A Degree”
Kerstin interns at an adoption agency and is finishing
up her degree with grad school in mind. Her blog bursts
with inspiration through pictures and quotes.

Ky fills her pages with absolutely everything
that fills her heart. Her posts are short and sweet,
but if she takes the time to write a few paragraphs
you can guarantee it’s worth the read.
“You can grow flowers from where dirt used to be”

Her title says it all, “One Elle of a Blog.”
Her appreciation for art, music, friends and Jesus runs deep.

She’s an English major, what more do you need?
If I could physically hug a blog, I’d hug hers. Duh.


February 10, 2011

sick days

I’m currently sitting in my bed with my husband slurping chicken soup at my side.
I don’t mind the rain and cold outside because I have my snuggle bunny
to make it all okay. We’re both sick, most of our friends are sick.
We’ve missed out on lots and have the perfect excuse to watch all
of our favorite shows on our DVR. But, it hasn’t fully stopped the productivity.

We’re working on our newest project and I am anticipating
it’s great reveal. It’s not quite done yet, I want it to be it’s absolute prettiest.
Hint: vintage & fox.


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