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January 8, 2011

Gluten Boy & Square Dancing

Our Thursday:

Meet Alex Ross

Given three hours to live…and look at him now.
365 days later we’re at The Mudville Grille celebrating his life
while watching the Tim Tebow: Everything In Between Documentary where
there was a segment called “Alex Ross Visit.” Hello! God’s done it again!

Friday Night Date:

On a mission to Publix to buy everything essential for a satisfying Brinner and of course, dessert. The dessert we never got to but the brinner was dee-lish. Gluten free french toast, regular french toast, eggs, turkey bacon, tator tots, milk and orange juice! Definately had seconds and thirds of my favorite meal.

But before we went home to have our date, we stopped in and watched William’s parents SQUAREDANCE.

Breakfast for dinner is a special delight. In the mornings I’m not always aware of my surroundings or I’m grumpy because I’m on my way to work (which I’m not very fond of right now) and it spoils the comforting feeling that breakfast is supposed to give you. I’m a huge advocate of breakfast, so I eat it everyday. I just don’t pull out the pancakes and syrup every morning – I choose lighter meals, like egg whites on toast or a spinach smoothie.

But last night, William made us some melt in your mouth goodness of french toast. I aint neva had brinner as good as last nights. While we ate, we watched Millionaire Matchmaker. Go ahead; say what you must as you read those words because I too, was against such a show…until I watched it.

Patti Stranger sets people straight. Do you want the woman that’s a stripper with a boob job or do you want a mother for your kids? She’s pretty fierce. And I like it!